Six Seasons Name In Odia ( Odia re 6 ritura nama )


Six Seasons Name in Odia – In odia there are six seasons similar to the English season’s name. These are Grishma(Summer), Varsha (Rain), Sarata ( Autumn), Hemanta (Fall), Sita ( Winter), and Basanta ( Spring). ଓଡିଆରେ 6ଟି ଋତୁର ନାମ ହେଉଛି ଗ୍ରୀଷ୍ମ, ବର୍ଷା, ଶରତ , ହେମନ୍ତ, ଶୀତ , ବସନ୍ତ । There are six seasons in Odisha. … Read more

Odia Month Name – Odia 12 masara Nama


Odia Month Name: Like the English calendar, the Odia calendar also has 12 months. Nowadays when everyone is using the English calendar. It is absolutely necessary for us as Odia to know the names of Odia Month Name in Odia. While the English New Year begins on the 1st of January, Where Pana Sankranti in … Read more

January 2023 Odia Calendar


Looking For January 2023 Odia calendar. Here is the odia calendar for January 2023. In this January month Odia Calendar you can find all festivals and Occasion that falls in January 2023 . The new kohinoor January 2023 odia calendar is here with all Festivals date and more . Check and download 2023 odia calendar for free. This Calendar also included … Read more

Odia Calendar 2023 (Oriya) – All Months Calendar Online in Odia (New)


Looking For Odia calendar 2023 ? Here is the odia calendar for 2023. This odia calendar is special design for odia people. The new kohinoor odia calendar is here with Festivals date and more . Check and download 2023 odia calendar for free. This Calendar also included the all special day , Festivals and Holidays … Read more