Many times in news we hear about duplicate things and dangerous product which are sell in market. Few days before plastic Curly flower attract our attention.  there are many types of things available in the market nowadays, which are very harmful for our health,. So today we are telling you about some of the things available in the market, which can cause cancerous diseases. So better you avoid That Things. Let’s Start.

The Artificial eggs

The fake eggs were caught some time ago in the market, these eggs are made of plastic. These age is Come To India From China.The inside of this egg is made from the chemical; yellow and white part of the real egg is not easily found, whereas If the egg is broken for some time then the white and yellow part is found automatically. So Share This news and Aware Everyone.


Plastic Rice

Nowadays, Chinese goods are easily found in our country market Some time ago plastic rice was caught in Pune. Now this time it’s Found In our Capital City Bhubaneswar also.This plastic rice was imported from China, there is no test like ordinary rice in plastic rice, These plastic rice badly affect the digestive system and causes many disease to our body. When you Buy Rice from shop, Plz Check it throughly.


Plastic Cabbage

Nowadays, plastic cabbage is also found in the markets. Recently a news Comes From Baleshore,Odisha where he found plastic Cabbage. Plastic cabbage can not be identified by everybody, if it is burnt, then it starts growing like a rubber.

plastic cabbage

Friends, if you like these information, please do the like and share. Stay safe from Duplicate products. Write down your opinion in the comment box about this issue. Share Most to Awaer Everyone.



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