This Plant Is Worth More Than Gold : Know it’s Uses

Hello Friends, Today we are going to tell you about a beneficiary plant whose cost is more then the price of Gold. Yes you are Hearing Right. This is an Medicinal plant, Which have a huge Used in Different field. The name of the plant I am talking about today is called yellow-fruit nightshade. Friends, this prickly plant has many benefits. So let’s know the friends about some of the benefits of this plant.


Used To Relief Cough : If you have facing regularly cough problem, Then the gourd plant is very good natural medicine for you. Cure its relief in the cough by making a decoction of its roots. If you add powdered black peppers to its decoction, it will be even more effective.

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Remove pain and swelling: Many Peoples facing Joint pains. If you are troubled by pain or swelling in your body, then you should take the juice of the leaves of this wonderful plants. There were so many properties in it which are considered to be very useful for the removal of physical inflammation and pain. This medicine is definitely Cure all These Pain.

End of the calculus (Stone) : The plant of Bhaktaitaya is considered useful to remove the problem of stone. It’s Cure Stone in our stomach. Grind this with the curd and it consumes the problem of calculus and eliminates urinary problems caused by it.

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