5 Habits of Stupid People That Smart People Don’t Have: Chanakya

Everyone has definitely some weakness. These weakness shows the Nature of That person. Some Behavior of a person decides his Characters. how much quality is there in it and how much is the demerit.  Today we are Going to tell you 5 signs of fool. Lets Start.

These are the Signs :

  • According to Acharya Chanakya some people will praise you in front of you, but do your evil behind your back. The person doing this is always stupid. Don’t belive those people.
  • People who hide their school exams number and tell their numbers more than other people, they deceive themselves, only such people are fooled by such things. Many Of us having this nature.
  •  A person who always uses lies to make his number, and tells a hundred lies to hide a truth, he gets stuck in his own trap one day or another, such people are very foolish.
  •  Those who watch television more, their brains are weak because television is called a dull box long enough. In addition it spoils your time. Therefore, people who watch television more are silly.
  •  Some people talk with their friends, then they talk about things which become their habit. It is the identity of the foolish people who speak abusively, such people always remain silly.


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