These daily use things are the Reason of Cancer : Must know

Recently Cancer Center and World Cancer Research Fond said that Salty Food Items are the main reason and Responsible for cancer Disease. According to these report, more use of salt in our daily life is the main reason of Cancer. Not only salt But also many more things which are Responsible For cancer. Due to use of these things cancer disease are usually occur. Know about this..


SUGAR : Due to sugar the glycogen level in liver reduce, Which is responsible for cancer. Sugar also increase fat in our body.


SALT : Previously we told about harmfulness of salt, Salt is not only Responsible for Cancer but also responsible for Heart attack.

FLOOR : Fiber present in Floor are the reason of cancer, Bliching agent in floor also Cause heart disease.

FAST FOOD : Monosodium Glutamate are present in Fastfood. So Don’t Eat fast food. It’s Hygen for Our Body.

COLD DRINKS : Thse sugar level and Acid Quantity in Cold drinks are Usually High. So Excess drink of cold drinks are Very Harmfull for our Body.

MAS-ROOM ;   Mas-room are also responsible for cancer.

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