Facebook is the most used and most famous social media of our time. We love to Post any memory in it, But many time we Forgot about Facebook privacy policy. In that case Facebook may be completely Block our Facebook account. Lets know what we have not share in  Facebook.

Wrong Password :

Continuously wrong password input  may be Block your account completely. So it will be better to Known your password or write it in task.

Sensitive Comment :

Many peoples make comment in Facebook. In some sensitive Post don’t comment or share anything. It may be completely Block our account.


Poking Friend :

Generally we poke your Friend’s To Remember our Presence but it may be harmful for us. If you Poking maximum people then it will be a chance to Block your Facebook Account.

Group Joining :

There are hundreds of Group in Facebook. If you have join many groups in a day, more then 200 group joining Completely block your ac.


Unnecessary Content :

Do not post any post which assault peoples, If some one also tag you in this type of post, Then remove that post From Your Timeline.

Share to your Friends and aware them.


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