A notifier step Taken by Haryana Government to protect Enviornment

To Protect our Environment Everyone should be try their best. To Protect Environment Haryana government take a notifier action. To make Haryana green and clean Haryana Government Lunch a New Pogramme.

Haryana government want to Promote Plantation, For these He decided to give Every person 50 Rupees, wheen they Plant a tree.


To promote plantation The Chief Minister of Haryana also Encourage School Children. If any student can plant a tree then he/she will get Rs 50 Reward money, said the Haryana Chief Minister.

Chief minister of Haryana also Expect a great Hope from Children. Addressing a press Conference He also Said that Only student can change Our Society. And they also ability To change Our Environment.

This pograme will be Continue For Three Year. Within Three year any person plant a Tree can get 50 Rupees as Reward.

Such a great step by haryana Govt.

Would think that odisha govt. Will be promote this Pograme, Let us Know us In comment.


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