Today is International Yoga day and also the longest day of the year. Due to yoga different disease are cure. So that in all over the world celebrate international yoga day in June 21 after Prime minister narendra modis speech in united nation organisation at 27 September 2014.

Addressing in UNO modi said that Yoga is the ancintal culture of India and this the 5000 old history of India.Yoga create a special bond between Nature and human as a result our sou,our mind and also our work go in a right direction.

The moto of India’s Yoga is To changing depressive life into a colorful one.

The speech of Prime minister modi attracts lakhs of audience in UNO, And their June 21 was decided as the International Yoga Day.

The First International Yoga day is Celebrated In 2015. and this year is the 4th International Yoga day.

In other way sand artist Sudarshan pattnaik also maid a sand Sculpture on the occasion of International Yoga Day In puri sea beach.

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