Do have know that the petrol price across all over world : Know the India Rank


Now in India the petrol prices is Rise all its highest. Now in our country Every middle class man getting worry for the rise of fuel price day by day. Let’s look the Petrol price chat all over the world.

In some countries the petrol price day by day keep rising,But in some countries the same petrol price is cheaper than watter.

Price of petrol keep changing from time to time. The most surprise fact is that the price of petrol per litter in some countries are less then one.

Venezuala is one of the country where petrol price is just Rs.0.58/lit In Indian ruppes. In other hand there are some other European countries where the price of petrol per litter is more then 100.

Today we are here with the list of petrol prices across 90 countries (price as per the date 21st May 2018)






Sadly the petrol price in India are very high i.e. Rs.80.22 per/lit. Have you think fuel price ever drop here.

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