Odiapost: Today a Maoists from west-bengal  get arrested from the capital city of odisha. Commisenarate  police arrested Maoists from a private hospital in injured condition and that Maoists are responsible for many crimes recently held in west bengal. By the joint search operation of west bengal and odisha police, odisha police get the news that the maoists is treatment in a private hospital and then arrested immediately.

The reason behind why the Maoists  was coming to odisha is still unvailled, Odisha police try to get all information about this ,Maoists.Police conform that the maoists name is ali chakarbati and he is the leader of Red star maoists group which is responsible for many criminal casses and violence in west bengal. Acording to a source it was conform that these maoists group is trying to setteling his base in odisha also. Steel the truth is unvallied.

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