We all very well known that every month last Sunday our beloved PM get Connect with people with a monthly radio program “MAAN KI BAAT” . This last sunday modi also addressed the Nation in the 44th edition of his show MAAN KI BAAT. During 30-min speech of maan ki baat , Pm admired D Prakash Rao, a tea seller from cuttack in odisha, running a school and spending half his income on children living in slums.

PM modi said that,”D prakash rao, A tea seller from cuttack living in a slums in a rural area of cuttack,Odisha. Now who is an Role model for everyone who wants to do somenthing proud-able for nation. Prakash gave up everything of his in order to adopt and realize the dreams of others. I congradulate  D prakash Rao for his hard work, his persistence and for providing a new direction to the lives of those poor children attending his school. His life is an Inspiration to the whole country.”

From the last 14 years, D prakash Rao has been donating half of his Income towards the running of a school in a slum which he founded.

D Prakash Rao not only runs a free school for underprivileged children but also donated blood two hundred five times. This is not the end of his story.There are more pages of story of this extraordinary man.

He also left a good foot steps in other social activities field like plantation,Vouluntary donation organisation, Blood donation camp , etc..

We hartely salute the nobel work done by this man. And congradulate him for their great future.

He not only proud himself but also proud our state as well.

we need a share for this great noble work.

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