“Odisha Govt Responsible For Mahanadi Water Issues” :Modi says



Addressing a rally at the Bali jatra ground in cuttack prime minister Narendra modi said that The Rulling party in the state is only misleading people and Odisha goverment responsible for issues pertaining to mahandi river water.



Modi also said that, “The State government is not carrying out its responsibilities properly. In the State Assembly, the State government has accepted that 50% of Mahanadi water drains into sea. The Centre tried to resolve the issue, but the Odisha government did not cooperate.”

He also said that apart from Mahanadi, Five other rivers flow through the state. The state goverment has failed to utilise their water.

Once again modi target the state goverment  and said that the people of odisha want to know why the Lower Indravati irrigation project, which started 20 years ago, was delayed for so long.“Why the State government has delayed various irrigation projects and pushed up the project costs by 4 to 5 times?

and also added to his speech he also said that Among 99 project of the country which have been delayed for a quit long time 8 are from Odisha in which project center is spending more than rs 80,000 crore to complete these project.

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