No Cash In ATM,Making life miserable in Odisha.


With ATMs across the country running dry, there is no respite for people in Odisha as well. Things have come to such a pass that people are comparing the situation to the demonetization days.



Meanwhile, BJP’s national spokesperson Nalin Kohli told that the country has no cash problems and the situation will be brought under control soon.

“The country has enough cash and there is no cash crunch. Even Finance Minister Arun Jaitly has clarified about it. He has also assured that within a period of three days, the problem will be solved,” Kohli said.

It is believed that the use of Rs 2,000 notes, in particular, is causing the problem as money is being hoarded by political parties in Rs 2,000 denominations for the upcoming 2019 general elections. Several bank officials have also said that a lot of Rs 2,000-rupee notes are not coming back to banks.


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