This Indian man has Most wives

Hello Readers, Today We are Come with an Interesting News For You. In this Article we are Going to Tell you About a man who Has Most Wives. Let’s Start.

Many Humans always Want to Do something Different. We humans like to set record be it what ever but really records are very pleasing and in this post we are taking about the record of man with most wives. The holder of this record is Mr Ziona Chana aged 73 in India.He is the leader of Chana Pawl, a Christian sect, living in a village called Baktawng, located 100 km from Aizawl.


Mr Ziona Has 39 Wives, Still Now no one can Beat them in this List. Actually He has 40 wives but due to some Reason one of his Wives Get died.


Mr Ziona Family also the Largest Family in India. In His Family he has about 95 childrens, 33 grandchildren and 14 daughter-in-laws with this number of family members he has a a family of about 185 members.


Zionas House, Which is the four story building in which ziona lives with all of his family members.

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