Petrol and diesel rates are changed, today’s big news

Hello Friends, Welcome to our website, Today a Big News Comes in the media. The price of Rupee is decreasing day by day compared to the dollar. And due to this situation , prices of petrol and diesel are changing Rapidely. Today, we are going to tell you about the increased prices of petrol and diesel. So Read This Article Till End.

As we all Know that the price of Dollar is Geting Stronger Day by Day against Rupees, As a Result the Fuel price in India Increasing Continuouesly. The price of Fuel geting it’s all time High in the City Like Mumbai and Delhi.


Now in Delhi the Fuel Price is More Then 80. Oil Price in Odisha also Very High as Compared to other state. A new News Comes, Which will Gives You a Slight Relive in Your Face.

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As Per Report Central Govt. Going To Reduce The VAT charges In petrol. For Which The price of Petrol Will Be decrease Rs 5 From October.

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