If You Have Old 1 Rupee Coins Then You Can Sell It For 4 lakh Rupees

Hello Friends, Welcome You to our Website, Today you Get some Interesting NEWS in Our website. There is great news for you. Yes, now if you have 1-1 rupees coins made in different year then you can sell it for 4 lakhs. These coins are being sold on sites like QUICKER and OLX. Simultaneously, a coin with a picture of mother Vaishno Devi is being sold for Rs. 72 thousand.

According to Report price of the phone depending Upon Its availability More the Coin will Be rare , Higher Will Be its Price.  There will be many people, Who loves to Collect coin. You can Directly Sale these coin on website like Quicker and Olx.

In India during the second world war i.e. in 1939, printing of 1 rupee Silver Coin was discontinued. That year’s coin will be rarely own by some people. Its price ranges from Rs 2 to 5 lakhs. However, the counterfeit coin market is also bigger. Therefore, the price of coins is not necessarily seen. It also shows the history of Delhi through coins.

According to a report of Times Of India,Emperor Akbar had published different coins on 12 zodiacs besides Hindu Goddesses, Still searching of these Coin is Continuing. The price of these Coin is More Then 1 Core.  Here Below is The Image of This Coin.

If You have Such type of Coins, Then you can earn money By Directly Saling it in Olx and Quicker. To Sale the Coin Click on the Bellow Link. 


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