10 th Septmber Bharat Band, Politics in Fuel

10 th Septmber Bharat Band

From the last few days fuel rate hikes vigorously, in between a couple of month the fuel reached to Rs 80/ litre from Rs 74.38/ litre (July) and if we see this in the angle of politics it’s not a good sign for the BJP government in upcoming election. Many Political Party targeted BJP For this Fuel Rise Situation.

Congress along with other opposition party declares “Bharat Band” on 10th September to protest against hike in fuel price, BJP Leaders still silent on this news. On the other hand Mr. Arun Jetly said to the people that nothing to be panic and situation will be normal within Few Days.


Many non BJP states like Odisha, Rise their Objection Regarding the Hike of Fuel Price. In odisha both Congress and BJD Leaders Directly targeted  BJP for this Situation. Odisha Congress Committee also Declare odisha Band in 10 Sep.

Odisha State BJP aliased BJD Govt. For this situation and said that The rise of Fuel Price is Due to BJD Govt. Collect More  tax collection From Fuel.

Hope this situation will Be Resolved soon. But Still There is No hope to decrease the Fuel Price. Let’s See what will be happen in near Future.



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