Success Story Of a Odia Boy : Sambalpur To Germany

Success Story Of a Odia Boy :

Today we are going to tell you a real story of Mr. Sneha Kissan and his inspiring journey from Balasingha (Sambalpur) to Germany. Sesha was born on 4th March, 1994 in a small village named Balasingha of Sambalpur district of Odisha, where the literacy rate was very low. Not only his parents but also all his neighbours were never been go to school, so it was very clear that one day he will do farming as his father do with a little land. In 1995, when Sesha was nearly a years of old his mother passed away, so many of their neighbours advice his father to do remarry but his father denys there ideas because Sesha was the only loving son and his father loved him so much and he became both father as well as mother for him.
From childhood his father always take Sesha with him such as when he goes to farming, when he goes to do labour work, even he goes with him to the pasture. So within a very short period of time he learn these works quickly like how to cook, how to sweep ect.In 2001, when he was six year of old, Sesha wanted to go to school, before that he never had gone to Anganwadi or any play school. The main point of going to school was the mid day mill- dry rice and dal were providing in the school, which was his favourite food, which he occasionally finds in his home. But the main problem was he even did not know Odia language in which the course structure was made of off. Because of which he has beaten up many times in his primary classess, but he was a boy of strong determination, he started learning the Odia language and literatures. During his primary classes, when his father used to go for firming , he used to cook food and takes that food in a round bowl on his head and water in a gourd put and when he was going through the ridge way of cultivated land, many times he had wounded by sharpen grasses and fell down Many times but he never gave spoil the food in the bowl because that time the hand full of food was more important than his life.

Success Story Of a Odia Boy
He continued his study with helping his father, many times when students were used to go to the school by taking their school bags, he used to take his book to the pasture and reads there, in that way with his precious heard work he had been five time school topper in “Balasingha Sevasrama School”, so he was awarded as the best student award in 2005 by “Kisinda Womens Regional Union”, also in the same year, he got selected in Navodaya entrance exam and he was the only student to took admission at “Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sambalpur” from Naktideul block. And he studied there for the period 2006-2012 with free of cost.
In 2006, his father had a vain blockage, so he could not walk or work, so Sesha never asked money to his father after that. And he determines to do labour work as there was no other option to earn money. Whenever he comes in vacation from Novodaya he used to go to do labour work with the neighbourhood and earns some money and little of it he used to give to his father and some he keeps for him for pen, copy etc. He continued his study and he secured 92% in CBSE 10th board exam in 2010 and choose Science stream.

Success Story Of a Odia Boy

In 2012, during his end of his +2 second year one of the Navoday teachers gave fees of NEST exam as he has no money to appear the exam and finally he able to crack the exam. At that time his father’s health was miserable and he was struggling with him in the medical alone for months and unfortunately he could not save his father and he became orphan. Also because of this reason he could not able to attain the counselling for admission at NISER. So it was the darkest part of his life. Generally people become frustrated at this time but he was never give up and he bounce back once again and enrolled a year in “Regional Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar”. And next year dramatically crack the NEST exam for the second time and he get admission in NISER.

Success Story Of a Odia Boy

In 2013, when he was in NISER, people were aurg him to return back the money that he had borrowed for his father’s treatment, so first few years he never did take foods in canteen and he used to cook food to save money and also he did tuitions for that, and he never get time to study. He could successfully return back the borrowed money. But teachers did not know that he is a brilliant star. After joining the Organic Metallic Catalysis lab, within a short period of time he could publish few American publications and he thought to do research in Europe. After facing many interviews he has been selected in many countries of Europe and finally he positively reply back to the “Georg August University Of Gottingen, Germany” and going to join as “Research Associate” in this September and today he is going to earn more than lack of money per month. A tone of salute to him from as he could able to stand in this position without money and a family support.

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