Know More About World Largest Seed

In this world There are many types of plant present. Some Plant have seed and other are not. Some plant also have some special features. Today in this article we are going to talking about World Largest Seed. Let’s Start the discuss.

The plants show several variations in there floral and morphological features which are the results of modifications undergone by plants over years to withstand their immediate environment.

World Largest Seed

Some of the Palm tree have Largest Seed in this world. The species of these palm tree has  lodoicea and these trees are mainly Found on the island gigantism. These palm tree are also called as Sea Coconut. The weight of this Seed is nearly 5 K.g to 7K.g. The most sad thing is that one seed take 5 to 7 year to get it’s actual size.

World Largest Seed

The most interesting things about these seeds is, The cost of these seeds are lakh Rupees. But in India This species is extinct. History Says that this seed is originated From Kolkata of India.

Hope This article gives you a complete Knowledge about the Worlds Largest Seed. Please share this article with Your Friends and Family. You Can get such interesting news in Website. Have a nice day.

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