5 incredible Fact about Our National Flag : Do have You Know That

5 incredible Fact about Our National Flag

This Year India Celebrate the 72nd Independence day. On the Occasion of this National Festival Each and Every place In India Celebrate it By hosting National Flag. Our Prime minister Narendra Modi also Host Flag in Historical lal kila on this Special occasion. As an Indian We all are proud For Our Country. We all are Proud For your National festival and we all are also proud For our National Flag. But Do have You Know  5 incredible Fact about Our National Flag.

Today In this Article we are Going to tell You 5 incredible Fact about Our National Flag, Which definitely feel you so special and proud. Let’s Start The Proud Story Of Our Proud nation.

Our National Flag Contain Tri-color which Shows The struggle and culture of this Unity in Diversity Country. Here are some Interesting Fact about our National Flag.

5 incredible Fact about Our National Flag

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Proud Fact about our National Flag

  1. The three colors on our national flag have three different implications. Saffron stands for audacity and true courage as well as sacrifice, white represents legitimacy, truth and purity, whereas green stands for peace, fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land. Have you Know about it.
  2.  Khadi Development and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is the lone division that produces and supply of the national flag. The fabric of the tri color is the same type of hand-spun cotton and silk cloth that was made admired by the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. We all are seen in picture about this.
  3.  The Indian flag was designed by Pingali Vankayya, who is a freedom fighter from Andhra Pradesh.
  4.  The Blue wheel with 24 spokes in the middle of the “Tricolor” represents the Dharmachakra & depicts motion or growth.
  5. The national flag has a ratio of 2:3 and all three stripes (Saffron, White and Green) should be the same in length and breadth.

Lastly From our Team, We all are Wish You Happy Independence day. Hope This article Feel Proud You. If you love our country then feel proud to share this. Jay Hind Jay Bharat.

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