If you have any bank’s ATM card, then read this news

Now a Days Everyone Prefers To Use Digital Money Like Online Transaction, ATM Card, Net Banking Etc. In Modi Govt. Period Government Also Encourage Peoples To Use ATM and Digital Transaction.

If you have an account of any government or private sector bank and also have an ATM card, then your bank account will continue to pay money from the Modi Government. This is a very good scheme and everyone should take advantage of it. Let’s Know more about it.

The GST Council’s 29th meeting was held on August 4, 2018 and this decision was taken in the 29th meeting of the GST Council which was completed under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Piyush Goyal. The object and service tax council has planned to return 20 per cent of the GST tax return as a cashback to the customers on payment through Rupees Debit Card, USSD and BHIM.


If You have smartphone then Install BHIM App on it and Register with BHIM. When You Pay Balance using BHIM App You can Get 20% Cashback In Each Transaction.

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