FAKE EGGS IN ODISHA : Read this article to know more about this

Hello Friends Egg is Eaten by the people all over the world. In India Egg is a main non-veg Item. Due Huge use Of It’s some peoples Have Been Produced Fake Eggs, That Means Plastic Eggs. Recently odisha Police force catches 3 Cartons of Plastic Eggs in Capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar.

Here Today In this Article We are Going to tell You how its made. Beware of Fake Eggs, Read this article to know more about this.


For the growing demand of the Eggs nowadays people have started to make fake eggs. These eggs are cheap and can be found among the real eggs. Because selling this kind of eggs are not allowed. People make this kind of egg with Sodium alginate, hot water, gelatin, alum, and benzoin. The yellow part can be made by mixing calcium chloride and carbonate.

How to know Who is plastic Egg : The plastic egg is hard to peel and also hard to break. The difference between a real egg and fake eggs can be easily noticed if you take a closer look. So Beware From it, Stay Safe Stay Happy.

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