Cucumber juice have done a great impact in our Health, and it cures many disease. Three times Cucumber Juice in a day cure many disease.

Each 100gm of Cucumber juice contain 25 mg Phosphorus, 10 mg Calcium , 1.5 mg Iron.  Cucumber also contain 96.4 percent of water, 2.5 percent glucose and sucrose . Regular Drinking of Cucumber juice cure Stomach Problem. It’s also cure KOSHTA KATHINA problem.


Cucumber Has Contain 64.5% Base and 35.95% Minerals. Due to Base Propoties its also Cure acidity problem in our Body. It also helpful or Dental problem.

Along with all Cucumber juice also prevent hair Fall. Regular use of cucumber juice in Hair Reduce hair fallness. By the use of Cucumber juice in Skin also Prevent different types of Skin Disease.

But don’t take Cucumber after heavy mill or In Empty stomach. Also Don’t drink water after taking cucumber.

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