Benifits of Eating Bannana daily

Banana which is Rich with Vitamin, Protin, Potasium , Fiber , Folic asid is easily available in all session. Have you ever Known that Eating of banana solves many problems in Your body. Today we are going to tell you about that.

Due to Rich FIBER Present in Banana it will be very helpful for digestion process. For which in your life you don’t have ever face stomach problem, If you have eat banana daily.

If you are thin or your weight is too low, Then Banana is the best Fruit for you. Two Or Three Banana a day Helps you to Increase your weight.

Due to Present of Iron in banana it helps to Increase blood in Your body. It also prevent our Body from daises like Amonia.

In Banana Vitamin B-6 are present, so its accelerated our Brain power. For which man becomes Intelegent day by day.

Mixture of Banana and milk cure Night Fall ness, which is commonly known as Swopna dosa.





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