Odisha Going to Ban plastic Bag Completely. This campaign will be going to start from October 2,Gandhi jayanti. Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik Hope that Odisha becoming the total plastic free state wiithin two year.

This special announcement declare by CM in Special Program organised by Office of CM “AMA MUKHYAMANTRI AMA KATHA”.  In this program Navenn also said about the bad impact of plastic to our Environment.

A survey report said that, In India a man used 12 K.G Of plastic in a year, Which is a very large amount . And the most thinking fact is that The total waste of plastic contain 33% of plastic water Bootel.

If this type of use of plastic continued for more 20 year, Then a day come when the Earth will cover by total plastic.

Now More about Use Of plastic in India

  •  India Releases 25 thousand tons plastic waste every year
  • Plastic is not a bio-degradable waste
  • The chemical released from plastic is very harmful for human.
  • It’s causes Lungs Diases
  • Also it’s polluted ground water.

We think that, This is a Great step taken by our CM towards our Environment.

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