Alarming Situation For Earth,Chinese Space station Going To fall

Before three Months that’s means in March Chinese Space Station Named Chiangang-1 Fall down to Earth. And This Time a similar Chinese Satellite is also Going To fall down to Earth, Which is an alarming Condition For Whole Earth.


Previously Chingang-2 Travel, Approximately 95 K.M per hours on its Way. But suddenly It’s Changes the Position and Travel Towards Earth with High speed.

From The Report Of NASA, China Send His Space Station  in September 2016.

It is said that the space station is showing some weird behavior and is very close to Earth. There are many questions about Tiangong-2’s position and also about its likelihood of falling on the Earth.

Let us tell you that as per Chinese authorities, Tiangong-2 has already returned to its original position. On 13th of June, it had dropped down closer to the earth but within 10 days, it returned to its normal orbit.

It had fallen from 242 miles to 183 miles and this is what had made the scientists worry. But now, it’s sure that it’s not crashing on the Earth like its predecessor.

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