Swopna deva Barma And his daughter From Agartala Save 2000 peoples life. Swapna deva sharma live their life By cutting wood from jungle.On the way of Jungle He see a crack in Train Track and Imideatly inform the Loco pilot. As a result Train Must Be rescue from sure Accident.


After that Incident Tripuras Health Minister  Sudip Ray Barma Invite Father and Daughter For Lunch To his House.

Swopna dev and his Daughter Lives In a small Village Dihadi In tripura. On June 15 when they are going to Cuting Wood From jungle,They See Crack in Railway Track and In that Time he saw that a train also going Through this track with high Speed.


By the Health Of his Cloth , They try to Inform Loco pilot and he also succeeded in their work. After Seeing Red Clothes Loco pilot Stop The Train By Emergency Break.

If train will be pass through that track then surely an accident must has been happen.

Proud work of Father  and daughter give them huge Respect. Tripuras Health Minister also Rewarded prize to him.

Fell proud to Share this.


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