Rourkela Becomes The first city to build Road from Plastic

Rourkela Becomes The first city to build Road from Plastic.

Generaly Roulkela is the top rank city after bhubaneswar. This time rourkella is came with an initiative which will definitely brings the attention of people towards the silver city.


Odisha’s steel city Rourkela become one of those selected cities in India and first city in odisha which uses the plastic wastage to build new roads.

Steel Authority of India’s Rourkela Steel Plant initiated Odisha’s first waste recycling project. As a INITIATIVE project,a one kilometer distance of road between Rourkela Club to Shaktinagar has been constructed mixing shredded waste plastic in road tar.

The chairman of steel Authority of India’s chairman said that, This initiative is also a part of SWACH BHARAT CAMPAGIEN, and also it helps to clean the silver city and becomes to made green and clean city in every step.

India is facing with rapid population growth,in that case waste management is a major problem. Before we dive into the improvements that we have to aware our public to the problem which we are going to face. Plastic is among the most popular and important materials used in the modern world and Plastic is growing disaster for our environment as well most of the plastic are made from petroleum or natural gas that is non renewable resources,Plastic pollutes air,land and water.

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